Afro Bourgie

Afro Bourgie: Black, educated and established
If you are reading this post, chances are you are Afro Bourgie or you know a card carrying member of this global guild. They are people of African or Carribean descent whose elite lifestyle or mannerisms places them in a universal upper middle class status.

To identify them, you don’t need a composite sketch or a pathologist. First, pay attention to their English, it will betray too many summers holidays spent in Europe or America. The francophone ones speak Fran├žais like they live in the exclusive quarters of Paris’ 2eme arrondissement. If you know what arrondissement is, give yourself 5 points. Do complete the remainder of the test below to find out if you are a part of this guild.

1. Do you call more than one country home? 6 points
2. Did you receive any part of your education abroad? 5 points
3. Did you attend a preppy boarding school? 5 points
4. Did you attend a private school and then follow it up with a degree program in a preppy university? 5 points
5. Do you live in a gated community? 2 points
6. Do you consider having a maid, a cook, a gardener or a security guard in your home normal? 4 points
7. Have you altered the spelling or pronounciation of your traditional African name e.g Kofi – Cophi? 2 points
8. Do you have or ( Are you trying to add) initials such as Dr. Phd. MBA. MA. LLM to name? 3 points
9. Are you married witha hypenated last name? 2 points
10. Do your children (born or unborn) have hollywood names or a wierdly manufactured name? 5 points
11. Do you drive a luxury car? 5 points
12. Do you wear designer clothes? 3 points
13. Do the words Brazilian, Peruvian, or Indian, denote a meaning other than human race (think hair)? 5 points
14. Do you work, or aim to work with organizations such as the UN, IMF, WHO? 2 points
15. When asked about when you are going back home do you consistently say “in the next five years” year, after, year, after, year? 3 points
16. Do you find yourself correcting grammatical errors of other people? 3 points
17. When asked about your religious affiliation do you respond ‘I am a spiritual person’ ? 3 points
18. Do you and your friends fund the fiscal growth of companies such as British Airways, KLM , Delta and Lufthansa? 5 points
19. Do you refer to a politician in your home country as Aunty or Uncle? 6 points
20. Do you call the President of a country Mummy or Daddy? 10 points

If you got 40 points or more, you are a BONAFIDE Afro Bourgie