She’s got style

The mark of a true fashionista is one who knows how to pull off a look with out being  overdone or understated. Halle is clad in a corseted lace dress but because she is not draped in excessive jewellery or bold makeup, she ends up looking stunning in a casual evening dress.









So how do you become a style queen at any age? Two more divas demonstrate how in these timeless pieces. In this fab cut-out dress, Gywneth Paltrow shows you how to be risque in a little black dress. She reveals enough skin to draw attention but covers key areas so she does not step out of line. 

















Never one to shy away from haute couture, Cicely Tyson rocks her age like a regal queen. This high-necked shirt provides a regal flair with style and sass.


Colour me bad

There used to be an acceptable boundary for nail polish and it consisted of  variations of red, brown or neutral.  Then a few seasons ago, the colour scale tipped over to the dark side and it suddenly became fashionable to coat your nails black or the kind of maroon that resembled dried blood. It was very Gothic and very ‘in’ but so passe now.

Today goth is out and the trend is pastel, pastel, and more pastel. It is the ‘it’ thing to paint your nails green, yellow, lavender, even blue (blame Beyonce). The very cool take it further and paint one hand several different colours. The ultra cool even design intricate patterns on their nails – stripes, polka dots, criss cross, zig zag, rainbow…  Nail polish manufacturers like Sally Hansen have responded to this fad by  producing press-on nail strips that come in houndstooth, animal print, butterfly, glitter, you name it , you can find it. You can even have the photo of a loved one printed on your nails this way, when you miss them, you don’t need to log onto Facebook, just flip your hands, look at your nails and taadaa.

If you find this nail trend too weird, you can make a subtle fashion statement by splashing your nails with rich colours from the OPI and Essie collections. Their colours are vibrant and long lasting. Revlon and Rimmel also carry a less expensive line but I prefer their finishing coat over their colours. Revlon especially has a no-chip finishing coat offer a glossy finish that lasts for two weeks. With the right colour or design, nail polish can be turned into an accessory, just like your handbag or your jewellery just don’t go over board



Losing my hair

I have lost my hair. And I mean All of it. At first It was traumatizing because my hair is not just my crowning glory – I am unabashedly in love with my hair! Some have hot legs, great breasts, strong arms… I have had fabulous hair. The kind of hair that made people stop me in the streets and ask what Remy number I was wearing. I would tell them it was real. They would rake their fingers through it to feel for tracks. I would smile at them and say “I told you… I get it from my mama.”

But now, it is gone. How ? From serious over-processing and colouring – so it started breaking. From the root, I might add. I looked so horrible that one Saturday evening, I staged an intervention. Alone in my bathroom with my mirror as the only witness and a pair of scissors as the enforcer, I got to work. In ten minutes, the floor was a carpet of brown wispy strands and I looked like a porcupine. I was sad, but strangely, not devastated. I guess it was because I realized that it was not just about hair. It was about different things going on in my life.

Things that I love more than my hair are changing, shifting, disappearing… but if my hair is any indication of the future, then I am hopeful. I am seeing new growth. It is stronger, thicker and richer than what I had before. I treat it differently too. I no longer use the harsh perming creams that I used to marinate my hair in. I have switched to texturizing which leaves a gentler impression on my tresses.

It is short and fresh. It does not draw stares or comments like it used to. It is quiet around here, but I have come to terms with that. It is the quality not the quantity. Of course the length is gone and I can’t even hold a pony tail. Well, unless I pull out the comb, the brush, pins, black gel, structuring gel, Stay-So-fro spray, then polish it with Sulphur 8 and press it down with a scarf. The final product is laughable, but it has taught me a HUGE lesson in humility and after 30 years, I have finally let go of my ridiculous attachment to my hair. Not to mention everything else in my life that is susceptible to split ends and breakage. I have God to thank for that. Now tell me, what is your hair story. Remember, it is not about hair at all.