Lemlem by Liya

The Ethiopian beauty and supermodel, Liya Kebede is using her celebrity status to make a heartfelt impact in her native county. In 2007, Liya created Lemlem, a fashion line with clothes and accessories made from high-grade, hand-woven Ethiopian cotton. With its subtle play on casual chic, Lemlem offers a fresh twist to the style scene. The reviews from fashion aficionados indicate that Liya’s creation definitely lives up to its Amharic definition of to flourish.

A fearless champion of empowering under served communities, the inspiration for Lemlem came to Liya when she realized that the livelihood of local Ethiopian weavers was threatened by a fall in the demand of their goods. Liya collaborated with the traditional weavers to provide an avenue for them to earn revenue while presenting to international fashion scene the textures and simplicity that is uniquely Ethiopian.

Photo credit: www.Lemlem.com

Pushing fashion boundaries

Olivia Pope, the slick lead character in the hit series Scandal brings more to the screen than sass and grit. She has an incredible sense of style which is already influencing everyday wear. Whether it is a flowing winter coat, a well tailored suit  or an evening gown, Olivia Pope knows how to push the fashion envelope. Here are some of my favourite style icons who like Olivia, dictate what you see on the runways, boutiques and department stores. In this pastel colored ensemble Kerry Washington (who plays Olivia Pope) shows us who is the one directing Olivia’s style in Scandal. She is definitely pushing fashion boundaries.

Speaking of Scandals, no one can rock a scandalous dress like JLo. Somehow she managed to wear this barely there dress without making it look tacky or whorish. Now that is a skill.

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, but she knows how to make a dress work with her body. She is near perfection in this sexy white dress.