Ta-ta Tyra :((

The world as we know it is coming to a dramatic end and I am sure you don’t even know it. Well, Tyra Banks will end her highly acclaimed, Emmy award winning show ‘Tyra’ Today. Someone please get the defibrillator.

This underestimated celebrity transformed from a Victoria’s Secret Model who strutted runways semi-nude with wings harnessed to her back, to become a Media Mogul. She started the Tyra Banks show in 2005 and she quickly found success where many other celebrities failed after just 1 season. Her name climbed onto the top of enviable lists such as Time Magazine’s ‘ Most Influential People in the World’, and Forbes’ ‘Celebrity 100′. In her own words she says “I’m passionate about inspiring people to fulfill their own dreams and fantasies through entertainment that is engaging, uplifting, and of course, fun! This is my dream realized.”

The critics say she can be melodramatic and is always ready to talk about herself. Say what you want but, you cannot knock her hustle. This is one woman who earns my respect and admiration. She propelled her guest appearances on sitcoms and movies to create a phenomenal and informative talk show.The Tyra Banks show is produced by her very own Bankable Productions. She has used her knowledge of the fashion industry to start America’s Next Top Model which is seen in over 100 countries and has 20 international adaptations. Those who underestimated her as “just a model” have been proven dead wrong.

In true ‘Tyra-never-quits’ style, she draws the curtain on the Tyra Banks show, only to unveil her new ground breaking project in online media. Like every thing else she does, it has success written all over it. This woman is unstoppable. I personally would not be surprised if she starts her own line of fuel at gas stations where you will have the choice of pumping diesel, un-leaded, regular or “premium Tyra” . Once again, everyone will lineup for the Premium Tyra and she will be strutting all the way to the Bank.

Written by Amma Bonsu (originally published on July 28th)

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