Real talk with the Kubolor

He speaks the sexiest language in the world. Pidgen. From the way he ties a piece of ankara cloth tied loosely around his waist, you can tell he neither wants to be confined by the strappings of trousers or fake bougie norms. He calls himself Wanlov the kubolor. He is a Romanian born, Ghanaian bred music artiste who has fans smitten by a funky and eclectic sound called Pidgen music.

Two minutes after meeting him, I was also smitten. We started the interview laughing like childhood sweethearts who just bumped into each other. He told me about his music, his movie and how he values elements of his rich heritage. I still don’t understand the barefooted swag, but as he explains: ‘I no send nobody’ – which basically means mind your own business and watch me rise with mine. I started laughing again. I love this sexy, barefooted Rasta, and by the time you finish watching the video, you will love him too.

photo credit Jide Alakija

One thought on “Real talk with the Kubolor

  1. i've met kubolor a couple of times and he is so down- to- earth and super friendly,funny and boy is he sexy or what! big ups man!

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