Curing my quarter life crisis

Smack in the middle of a delayed quarter life crisis, doubts of what I should be doing with my life raced through my head. To make matters worse, I kept stumbling on overused cliches like ” Do what you love” and “Follow your passion”. Obviously this was a sacrilegious mantra for an African immigrant who grew up knowing that you show your gratitude to your parents by going to a good university and studying income-generating subjects like Economics. When you graduated you work for a Bank. If you were unhappy about your professional compass you enrolled in an MBA program. You don’t entertain lofty ideas about ‘passion’, what ‘sion?

Against my pragmatic instinct, I allowed myself the luxury of uncovering my passion and I realized that I LOVED talking to people and hearing about their stories. Once i came upon this revelation, I had to explore it. I desired to create an online forum which would allow me to share amazing stories that would inform, entertain and inspire. I called it AmmazingSeries. Although AmmazingSeries was a deviation from the linear requirements of my life as a Financial Advisor, I quickly adapted to the creative and unconventional demands of my newly found gig. Unfortunately, as different web designers plunged me into an emotional roller coaster of delays, doubt set in and fear took over. I feared the consequences of putting myself out there. “How dare I call what I was doing a talk show when this was the path of seasoned journalists and hollywood elite. ” I self berated. I mulled over how people will perceive me, but most of all, I was afraid of failing. But with a dash of rebellion and a boost of encouragement from friends, I dug into it.
What I lacked in experience, I made up for in an unbridled enthusiasm to learn. I have read more about coding and DNS severs than I care to remember. I often work until the wee hours of morning and I have developed a tan line where my laptop passes heat freely onto my thighs. I raise my glass to anyone who has their own business, blog, clothing line etc. because I can attest to the stress, frustration and dollars that goes into launching your dream.

Nevertheless, you cannot be dissuaded by the challenges. Waste lies in the hearts of those whose fear of failure prevents them from even trying. Cory Booker had this post on his wall ” never be afraid of trying something new, remember amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic.” Go ahead launch your passion. It may start slowly, but even Google had a Beta version, and Twitter existed 3 years before it became a hit. Know that the reward you reap from living the life you have always dreamt of will surpass any obstacle you face.
In July 2010, when AmmazingSeries was finally outdoored, I was relieved and excited. The crowning moment of my hard work came when I interviewed the Reggae artist, Gyptian. I remember pushing through the crowd to get a good shot of him. I still remember camping out at the concert and then at his hotel, determined to get my interview. When the moment arrived, I could literally feel my body pulsating to the rhythmic tempo of his Partois. As my body of work expanded, I proceeded to do what all nouveau entrepreneurs of our days do – set up a Facebook page. I did not realize how hard it is to grow your base and I still remember when I had 4 followers ( so when you see a page with more than 100 fans, please clap for them, it is not easy). That being said, If you want to put a smile on my face, suggest Ammazingseries to your friends and follow me on twitter.

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5 thoughts on “Curing my quarter life crisis

  1. hahahahaha…..I lugh because you said it best and I truly believe Amazing Series will definately blow up into something that you only dreamt of. Continue the good work. The first requirements for success is to give to your audience what they really want and I think you do. I love to read your stories and I promise to suggest to my FB friends. All the best.

  2. Seriously! this is the best story so far for this year. I have enjoyed reading your road to this ammazing website. Keep it up because the sky is just the beginning. Rooting for you all the way. God bless. The thing that kills it for me is the " What 'sion" bit. Hope you don't mind if i steal some words of wisdom from ya?ha! God bless

  3. i love ammazingseries… and not because i am your family member. I really enjoy reading it. i know you are destined to succeed. amd i know u will hit the big time soon. I love your interview techniques because it just looks warm, entertaining and fun.  I mean if i were a celebrity or someone famous, I would love to be interviewed by you, because your passion shines through :)

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