Must-have items for embarrassing problems

Aren’t you tired of the perennial list of ‘must-have items’ that focus on glamour and not on hygiene? Well at AmmazingSeries, I keep it real, so I have compiled a fantastic list of solutions  to combat some of your embarrassing hygiene problems. The great thing about this list is the products cost approximately $10, and if you start using them today, you will enter 2012 feeling like you have been born again. How do I know this? All the products have been tested by me and they work!

The SUPERHERO: Selsun Blue with 2.5% Selenium Sulfide is my favourite, favourite item of 2011. I call it the superhero dandruff fighter because after just 2 weeks of usage, I saw a 95% reduction in my dandruff. I rave passionately about this product because I used to be a shackled victim of dandruff. My dandruff was so bad that I looked like someone glued Quaker Oats on my scalp. For decades I have tried everything from Sulphur 8, to shea butter, Tiger balm, and some yucky homemade ailments, yet I continued to flake. Enter my blue superhero with a yellow cape cap. After 2 weeks of using Selsun with Selenium Sulfide, the flakes stopped and my dark suits no longer resembled polka dots. You can find this product in your local Walmart, BUT, make sure you buy the one with selenium, even if it has 1% of this active ingredient. The only downside to Selsun with Selenium is it is very stringent so you have to follow the instructions carefully. It also leaves your hair very brittle so after shampooing, you need a super intensive conditioner to soften your locks. However, I still rate this product an ‘A ‘ because it serves a dual purpose of curing really bad flaky skin which could be from seborrhea. I Love this item! It is not a permanent cure for dandruff but, it is the best control product out there. Price: $11.99

The WONDER cream: I used to dread the Canadian winters not just because of the icy temperatures, but also because of the abrasive effect winter used to have on my skin. To my chagrin, my skin would not respond to any of the popular brands, yet when a friend recommended I try Queen Helene’s Cocoa butter, I was a bit skeptical, but I tell you, the moment I started using this cream, the cracked skin vanished and the ashiness disappeared! This WONDER cream is not greasy or clammy; it keeps my skin well moisturized and hydrated and IT DOES NOT CLOG MY PORES. Unfortunately, the cream can only be found in specialty beauty supply stores and your local African market. Some find the smell of the Cocoa overpowering, but I love it and I recommend it for all skin types. Price: $8 or 4 Ghana cedis.

The INCREDIBLE toothpaste for bad breath: ( not that i suffer from this, but;)  If you want fresh breath that lasts a long time, use Arm and Hammer toothpaste. It whitens teeth, and really keeps your breath fresh for a long time. However, much as it gives teeth the dentist-clean feel, I strongly recommend a trip to the dentist to remove plaque and to treat cavities or gingivitis. The INCREDIBLE toothpaste also has a line for sensitive teeth, so you really have no excuse. Walk to any grocery store and stock up on this. It will be a great Christmas present for that friend whose breath is so bad you don’t even take their phonecalls. Price” $2.00



CAPTAIN FRESH: Now the best cure for body odour is a good bath, but after that, you need something that is going to keep you huggable through out the day. May I recommend Sanex for men and Soft and Gentle for women. Sanex, I believe comes in one standard fragrance, but Soft and Gentle by Palmolive comes in several romantic aromas. I prefer this deodorant to Sure and the other big names on the market because it works! The unfortunate thing is they are abundant in Europe but really rare in North America. So if you know anyone crossing the pond, order a dozen. It leave your pits smelling fresh and clean. Hey is an invaluable tip. If you have lingering B.O, the problem may be in your clothes. Because we don’t always wash clothes after the first wear, stale sweat can build up in our clothes especially in problem areas like the pits and the groin, so you find that even prescription deodorant does not work. The BEST way to deal with this is to soak your clothes in Baking Soda and hand wash these problem areas with a dab of the baking soda. Then wash your clothes in the normal cycle, with detergent of course, and you are free to hug as many people as possible. Price: $4

To be continued…

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