Waste of money Mac pencil

The Mac self-propelling, self-sharpening eyebrow pencil which retails for $18 CA  is a waste of money. It is neatly packaged and runs smoothly over the eyebrow without being too heavy – It has a fantastic finish. However…

If I am going to shell out $18 for an eyebrow pencil, it better come correct and unfortunately, the tip of this pencil breaks easily and often gets jammed inside its sleek holder so no matter how many times you rotate the stem, nothing comes out! Arghhh. I know people who love this pencil and I actually love the definition it provided to my eyebrows but because it is not durable, I  will not be replacing it anytime soon. I will rather go for a cheaper kind which may require manual sharpening but will not break  the bank or at the tip.

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