Lebron on Heat

Call him LeFraud, LeBum, Lebron, or call him the Lyin King, Queen James, Quitness… but on December 2nd, the man who abdicated his Cleveland throne for the Miami Heat, returned to his hometown to dunk over soothsayers naysayers and haters 38 times.

The final score of 118-90 in favour of the Heat, even surprised sports analysts who after a string of losses, that had begun to mock the relevance of the newly assembled ‘Big 3′. WIth high hopes and thick egos in the air, nobody needed this win more than Lebron James who had Celevland screaming bloody murder when he staged the ill-advised live TV pronouncement that after seven years, he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat. If the manner in which Lebron delivered this decision is compared to dumping your girlfriend at a very public family reunion, then hell hath no fury like a scorned Cleveland fan. They cussed him, cursed him and made signs to signal his demise.

Judging by the vitriolic mood of the fans, authorities tightened security and put the city on high alert. The game started with the Cavaliers leading 17-12, but Lebron shifted gears and thus began his uber dominance of this face-saving match. When he was not doing reverse lay ups or shooting 3 pointers, he was brazenly talking to fans and ex team mates. Clearly he felt at home. I was waiting for him to end the game with a Jordanesque tongue dangle, but alas, modesty would suffice – he walked out of the centre smiling and Cleveland still outraged.

Perhaps Cleveland could take a page or two from the book of Toronto fans. We have had more men pick us up with much fan fare and promise, only to dump us as soon as the season is over. McGrady, Vince carter, Chris Bosh… even our own flesh and blood Steve Nash, prefers to be MVP for another team. Yet, each year, we handle ourselves with class and treat the opponents with respect whilst we cheer for the Raptures sorry Raptors. So dear Cleveland fans, give Lebron a break. He gave 7 years of his life and now it is time to move on. That being said, I hope you all know that the Celtics are wearing the ring this year!

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