A year of living generously

When the mother of bestselling author Lawrence Scanlan died, he and his siblings decided to establish a scholarship in her name for the School of Nursing at the University of Toronto. Later on when Lawrence heard of a 10 million dollar donation to the same university, he felt compelled to research philanthropy. What ensued can be found in the engaging pages of the book ‘ A year of living generously dispatches from the frontline of philanthropy’ where Lawrence dedicates 12 months to volunteer at 12 different organizations which are advancing social justice in their communities. What started as a remarkable way to honour a loved one’s memory led to a wide scale demonstation of generousity by one man. From Kingston Ontario, through Costa Rica and then to Senegal, Lawrence rolls up his sleeves to serve the under represented and underprivileged, and he did so with an eager attitude and an open mind that leaves both writer and reader forever changed. I highly recommend that you pick up the book ” A year of Living generously’ and watch the followup interview on AmmazingSeries. Scanlan’s commitment to a socially just world may very well motivate you to start your own acts of kindness in communities at home and abroad.

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