Apple does it again

First name: i Last name: Pad

Date of Birth – April 3rd 2010

Height – 9.56 inches

Weight 1.5 pounds

Father – Steve Jobs

Mother – undisclosed

Already immunized against viruses. No breastfeeding required

Okay, maybe it is not a human being but with the frenetic international attention it has been getting, you would think it was an endangered living species. From the moment it debuted in stores in the US and around the world, the iPad quickly garnered a cult like following. Crowds of people enveloped blocks of building waiting to be the first to cradle this ultra thin multipurpose gadget in their arms. The excitement began in the US and buzzed across other parts of the world. In Japan people dressed in iPad costumes, in Toronto makeshift iPads were duct taped on foreheads, in Sydney they cheered and danced like they were getting free samples.

On the contrary, the iPad can be yours for a neat sum of $449. Due to its advanced capabilities this new tool has been touted to revolutionalize everything from education, to entertainment. It has a large responsive Multi-Touch screen that splits to accommodate an on screen keyboard. It uses a high resolution 9.7 inch LED-backlit In-Plane-Switching technology which creates a vivid display and a more intimate experience. Universal access is built into the iPad, so people with disabilities do not have to worry about set up; the iPad is ready to use right out of the box.

Two months after its release, the reviews support the hype, the iPad is the shiznit❊. But even before your heart returns to its resting rate, it has been confirmed that a new iPhone is due to be released. Let the madness begin.


Written by Amma Bonsu

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