Hating on Monday

Monday has to be the most hated day of the week Here are 7 reasons why:
1. Monday aka ‘Party Pooper’ basically walks into a room filled with weekend lovers and announces: “Fun is over! Chop, chop, stop drinking, wash your plates and go to bed :(
2. After two restful days, you struggle to wake up early just to work with some annoying people
3. Traffic is heaviest on Mondays
4. People like to call in sick on Mondays which means you if you show up, you end up doing the majority of the work.
5. Payday is never on a monday
6. If you are unemployed no other day reminds you of your predicament like Mondays
7. Monday means there are 4 extra working days to go through:(

The only time that Mondays don’t suck is over a long weekend when it disguises it self as Sunday.

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