Fight dark spots

Any skin tone that is high in melanin is also susceptible to blemishes and scarring from acne. As can be expected, cosmetic companies have responded to the overwhelming demand for dark spot correctors by flooding the market with various creams and ointments that promise to fade dark spots in record time. But, using the wrong product to erase these unsightly spots can strip your skin of its protective layer or it can clog your pores, which will lead to more acne and more scarring.

To help you sort through the barrage of claims, I took 3 dark spot correctors to the test and applied them religiously to problem areas on my face. At 1oz, Khiel’s Clearly corrective dark spot solution retails at $49 US and promises ‘significant reduction’ in 2 weeks; I used it on the left side of my face. The 1oz Even better clinical dark spot corrector by Clinique retails at $49US. Because it has the most convincing commercial I applied it to the right side. The least expensive 2.7oz Palmers Skin success fade out cream retails at about $8 and was saved for a spot on my chin.

In less than 7 days, I saw a remarkable difference on the left where I used Khiels. In 3 weeks, the dark spot had faded out. The blemishes that I treated with Clinique also showed signs of improvement in 7 days but, it was still very visible. After the 3rd week, the change was not as significant as Khiel’s. Palmer’s fade out had very little change in 7 days. However, to be fair, all the product experts I consulted with at the respective cosmetics counter advised that I give each product at least 4 weeks for real change. But based on the results I saw on my face, I highly recommend Khiels. It comes in a neat bottle with a precision suction which ensures you don’t waste the solution. It was gentle, effective and it does not bleach your skin.

Clinique does have a great line of skin care which has been proven to fight acne effectively, but as far as dark spot correctors, I found rapid success with Khiels. Clinique edges out Palmers because, frankly, it is a more sophisticated product with lesser chances of clogging pores. However, for the price that Palmers offers, it could be a great choice for someone who is price sensitive and really patient. Before you buy any of these products, please speak to your skin care specialist.

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