The Everest Boy

A 13 year old Californian boy, has become the youngest climber to reach the peak of Mount Everest. Jordan Romero was motivated to conquer the tallest of mountains by a painting in the hallway of his school that show cased the highest mountains in all the continents.

In 2006 aged 10, Jordan climbed Kilimanjaro (Africa). In 2007, he climbed Kosciuszko in Australia and Elbrus in Russia (Europe). He completed Aconcagua in Argentina (South America), Denail in North America, and last year Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia. So when it came to Everest, his father a paramedic who specializes in high-altitude physiology, brushed aside raging criticisms to accompany his son conquer the very dangerous Everest. This is no ordinary feat for many have been injured and even perished in their quest to mount Everest. Indeed the previous record holder was 16 year old Temba Tsheri of Nepal who lost five fingers from frostbite before reaching the summit in 2001.

Undaunted and unafraid, on May 22nd 2010 , countless hours spent sleeping in a special tent that mimics high altitudes, paid off when Jordan broke the world record to become the youngest person to climb Mount Everest.

So whilst other 13 year old boys find adventure by jamming their thumbs on the latest version of Playstation, Jordan Romero is scaling mountains and shattering world records.

Written by Amma Bonsu

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