Style by Eki Orleans

When I first heard of the fashion house Eki Orleans, I was instantly drawn to its alluring fusion of colours and cultures. Knowing that I had found an apt brand to kick off the international segment of AmmazingSeries, I quickly made travel arrangements to the UK to meet the creative force behind Eki Orleans – Hazel Aggrey-Orleans.

In the past few years, Hazel has used her creative flair to carve out a unique niche in the fashion industry by launching a fashion line inspired by elements of her European and African heritage. The elegant cut of her collection speaks of her European lineage whilst the Ankara inspired vibrant pattern pays homage to her African heritage. The end product is a youthful collection of versatile silk outfits that complements every skin tone and body shape.

When I finally meet Hazel, her warm smile instantly erased my misadventures in the intricately woven London underground system. She is effortlessly beautiful, and naturally charming. For someone who shies away from attention, she has mastered the art of designing clothes that draws you out of the background to the centre of attraction. Watch my corresponding interview (Eki Orleans) with Hazel to find out how she got started and visit to view the collection that has London buzzing.

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