Today, I don’t have a satire laden, parody laced article for you. My sweet aunt is visiting so we are chillazing. We just had a delicious plate of omelette with smoked turkey and coaxed it down with cranberry juice. We are going to spend the next couple of hours preparing lunch and catching up on all the family tidbits. So what is chillazing? It is when you take time off to decompress and shelve all your obligations.

The best time to chillaze is on Sundays, but if you want the full guilt ridden effect, you have to chillaze on a weekday when the serious ones are trying to jumpstart the economy. How is chillazing different from chillaxing? Chillaxing is relaxing but not at the risk of serious obligations. There is no guilt or laziness associated with chillaxing so it is probably not as sweet. Trust me. Try chillazing and let me know how gooooood it feels.

2 thoughts on “Chillazing

  1. I think I did try chillazing last Monday…at least during the latter part of the day. After celebrating my bday on Sunday, I thought I deserved a holiday away from 'the man'!!! However, the reason why I would say the beginning of the day was not spent chillazing is because I made sure I completed all my 'morning' chores: early jog, got lillte man ready for daycare, went to the grocery store and cooked up a storm! By midday I was already exhausted! I then thought to myself…hey this is supposed to be my 'lazy no work ' day! At this point the chillazing started…went to the pool and flipped on my back and did absolutely nada!!!! Stared at the sky for a good…I dont know 30 minutes….yup it sure felt good!!!!

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