Chelsea’s wedding

Chelsea is getting married and she forgot to invite me. It is probably because I hurt her feelings when I opted out of the bridal party. Now, three days before the big day, I have stopped calling Fedex inquiring about a lost invitation to Toronto.

I know many people who would have been upset if they were not invited to their friend’s wedding. But not I. I completely understand. I am happy for her and most importantly, I love how she is going about it. She is not doing a pre-nuptial fashion spread in Vogue or another magazine for that matter. She is not giving the public a clue on who designed her dress, and I am sure her bridesmaids have been sworn to a Ya-Ya sisters secrecy. The only thing that has leaked is, the event is taking place in Rhinebeck New York.

Apparently, the town is buzzing with high level tension. Hotels and inns are fully booked, and all of a sudden, non-Rhinebeck looking men are walking the streets with dark glasses and walkie-talkies. The guest list has now become the subject of media investigation. They desperately want to find out who is on it and who did not make the cut? We all know parents like to take over their children’s wedding and make it their own grand reunion. But not auntie Hill and uncle Bill. They have stepped aside to allow their only daughter to have her day. This means many of their political cronies have not been invited. The cronies are upset about this. They thought years of political donations and the usage of their private jets guaranteed them a spot on the guest list – wrong! July 31st is Chelsea’s day and the guest list is reserved for close family and friends only! Which brings back the question; why did she not invite me??

Chels, if you are reading this, I want you to know that it is not too late. Please call me, I can make it there in a moment’s notice. If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry I understand – a tweetpic will suffice.

Written by Amma Bonsu

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