• prenup

    Would you sign a prenup
    B: "Hi Honey I am home. Would you sign a prenup* agreement?" A: "Why don't you trust me?" B: "I... more

  • barack

    Trial seperation it is
    So she spoke on November 3rd. Trial seperation it is. Mr. President, the gloves are off, there is... more

  • gagged african

    Prisoner in my own home
    Part of assimilating into a new country is to learn how to speak their language (check), adapt to... more

  • barack

    Barack – a love story or a breakup?
    Boy (Barry) meets girl (Amerique) who is definitely not into him. He woos her with shakespearean... more

  • cute

    Letting go
     There comes a time when the former things do not measure up and you have to sign divorce papers... more

  • postpic

    Supporting each other
    Practically everyone has a blog, but not everyone has a good blog. Boakyewaa Glover has a  blog... more

  • Passport immigration stamp

    Immigration – the unspoken pain
    Today I am airing a snippet of our private and painful conversations. You know, the ones punctuated... more

  • ammapic

    Thank you
    Sometimes it takes the words of a 9 year old to remind you to say the most important words ever... more

  • amma1

    Facebook lies
    Today I am going to have a cyber makeover by updating my Facebook profile picture. With the click... more