• miscarriage

    Miscarriage DADT
    As Hollywood hyperventilates over Beyonce's new baby, what has my attention is not Blue Ivy or Ivy... more

  • selsun

    Must-have items for embarrassing problems
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  • oh

    Losing my hair
    I have lost my hair. And I mean All of it. At first It was traumatizing because my hair is not just... more

  • car

    True story
    I stood like a lamppost at the shoulder of the highway. I could not push aside my shame or find the... more

  • maid

    Guinea Foul in Defense of the maid
    Dominique Strauss Khan is a free man grace à la dexterity of a high-powered legal team or the... more

  • womanafric

    The neo African woman
    Africa is known for her abundant natural resources and beautifully curvaceous women. It is... more

  • sanaa

    Marry a White man
    "Marry a White man, they treat women better. They are more affectionate, they cook, clean and help... more

  • hoperising

    Stephen Lewis
    I was perhaps the only person living in Canada who did not know who Stephen Lewis was. I first... more

  • cheat

    The ultimate betrayal
    Men are designed to cheat. The African woman has embraced this notion to the point that no... more