• africanese

    China owns Africa
    As I continue to follow developments in South Sudan, South Africa, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and across... more

  • Racist utahns

    Racist Utahns poison Ghanaians
    3 Americans have racked up 1million dollars of debt. To pay off this debt, they have enlisted the... more

  • obamaprez

    Obama and the black vote
    A white man asked his black friend “Are you going to vote for Barack Obama just because he’s... more

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    Obama time
    In a few hours, we will be bombarded with digital illustrations of electoral maps and... more

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    Juju in Child trafficking
    In a continent where the mystical power of black magic is revered, a 42 year old Nigerian man,... more

  • Count your blessings 2

    List your blessings
    There is a bottle of perfume sitting in my lower drawer. I bought it for a really special person... more

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    The undecided voters
    Dear Americans, I wonder if you know how this election is critical not just to America, but... more

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    Still undecided??
    In a high stakes townhall debate last night,  President Obama came swinging, afterall , he had the... more

  • Screen Shot 2012-09-16 at 2.41.00 AM

    Running with his heart
    I should probably be talking about Usain Bolt - the fastest man alive, but this space is for the... more