• dying dreams

    Dying dreams
    It felt like I was wilting. Nothing new here - I go through waves of inspiration and flows of self... more

  • african baby

    Fight for firstborn sons
    Fatima’s life reads like an overcooked African movie. Twenty-nine summers ago when she was born,... more

  • IMG_0265

    A bright star
    My little niece has the sass and wit of a middle aged woman. Whenever I push her to see the scope... more

  • pastors

    A spiritual contest among pastors
    I am convinced that the easiest way to make money in Africa is to become a pastor or a politician.... more

  • Turned on
    My name is Amma and I have a problem: I am constantly turned on. By 'turned on' I mean exactly... more

  • kenya election

    Rooting for Kenya to fail
    You can tell by the way they are covering Kenya's elections that the West is waiting for the East... more

  • pistorius

    Oscar Pistorius a fallen hero
    All it took was a 45 second dash to the finish line and Oscar Pistorius celebrated as an... more

  • rawlings

    Out of the political closet
    There is no better way to find out how someone feels about you than to give them the opportunity to... more

  • delta

    Why I boycotted Delta
    I had to fly to Ghana, but the thought of giving business to an airline that treats Ghanaian... more