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    The Finesse Interview
    Just over a week ago, I had a quick chat with Finesse about relationships. I am a regular reader... more

  • jonny-crepe

    The Skinny Pancake
    I visited Burlington ( in Vermont) for the first time this past July 4th weekend and I came across... more

  • postpic

    Welcome to my daily posts
    Well Hello... Welcome to the newly revamped, and rejigged Ammazingseries. This site has been a... more

  • nissa

    My hair journey: From Relaxed to Natural
    Three years ago, I had what Oprah refers to as a ‘light bulb moment’ about my hair. My journey... more

  • chameleons

    Godly Chameleons
    Eileen stared at her reflection in the mirror as she put her silver hoop earrings on. Glancing at... more

  • healthyeating

    Healthy eating
    With busy schedules and economized sleep, most of us simply make do with a nutribar or we skip a... more

  • giveback

    Giving back
    A mental storm had been brewing inside me. For years I’d been wrestling with various ideas on... more