• splash

    Colour me bad
    There used to be an acceptable boundary for nail polish and it consisted of  variations of red,... more

  • mac

    Waste of money Mac pencil
    The Mac self-propelling, self-sharpening eyebrow pencil which retails for $18 CA  is a waste of... more

  • Screen Shot 2012-09-16 at 3.07.13 AM

    Solange the fashionista
      Most people would drown under that pressure of being related to the most famous woman... more

  • bracelet

    Kazuri beads
    For over thirty years Kazuri has been a lifeline for economically disenfranchised women in Kenya.... more

  • jada

    2012 Must-have
    Some people are born with great beauty, others have to acquire it. If you fall into the latter... more

  • bea1

    Fashion in Africa has not been the same since Bea Arthur made her mark on the acclaimed KORA... more

  • healthy hair

    Hair secrets
    If Alice shaved her hair off on Thursday, by Sunday, she could hold a ponytail. I wanted her hair,... more

  • armah

    The Bowtie King
    Meet the Bowtie King Edward Armah. He is a brilliant young designer who has taken the bold step to... more

  • africa

    Africa rising
    It feels pretty good to be Africa right now. Stories of war and famine have been eclipsed by news... more