Black Friday vs Pink Friday

Pink wigs, thick hips, and a mix tape later, Nicki Minaj is riding the Hip Hop airwaves as the newly coronated Queen of Hip Hop. Not so fast says Lil Kim who fired shots on November 26th, when she spit out a diss record to remind the world that she is still wearing the crown. Blasting Nicki over Pharoahe Monch’s ‘Simon Says’ Kim calls Nicki ‘a lil kim clone clown’ and lays the ammunition for an all out war.

To understand the genesis of this Hip Hop beef, you should know that Lil Kim came on the rap scene in 1996 representing Brooklyn with hardcore lyrics and an overt sexual image to match. Even though there had been female rappers before her, she was probably the first to conquer people’s attention with the sort of high level aggressive verses that flowed so well it made some wonder if her famed boyfriend Biggie Smalls was not writing for her. Her main competition at that time was Foxy Brown and Eve… until 2010 when a Trinidadian born Nicki Minaj who had been grinding the underground rap world, broke through the mainstream rap world with sex appeal and alter egos in tow. With blazing singles and ‘Young money’ swagger behind her, she started making the media rounds and expounded homage to lil Kim. However, in an industry where egos are fed and bruised constantly, Lil Kim felt disrespected by the less than effusive homage. Nicki Minaj responded in ‘Roman’s Revenge’ where she boldly stated that if Biggie was alive he would have signed her. This is what must have inspired Lil Kim’s ire in the subsequent diss record ‘Black Friday’.

Admittedly this is a sick discourse which has no relevance in the significance of global issues. But, I confess that as lover of Hip Hop, I love this lyrical feud. I love both Kim and Nicki – they have more in common than they would ever admit, but, they are at each other’s throats because if fame in Hollywood lasts for 15 minutes, then Hip Hop runs on 2 minutes. In order not to fall through the cracks of the 120 second cutoff line, you have to come hard with a scandal, jail time, or a Hit, and the latter is harder to achieve. This explains why Kim felt the need to jump into a fight she had not been called into, and deliver a rhythmic jab buzzing the return of the Queen Bee. Do I smell a Collabo?

4 thoughts on “Black Friday vs Pink Friday

  1. So this is where I stand: I am not yet a fan of Nicki Minaj but I don't quite support Kim's overt attacks.
    First, I really respect artists who acknowledge and admire those who've come before them. Drake always shows utmost respect to Jay-Z, Biggie and all the other true Hip-Hop legends. I just like it when younger, upcoming artists dont try and be 'the greatest' by force. It takes time, and work and effort. Trey Songz always refers to R. Kelly as someone he admires and respects. It's just the way it is. I know Nicki sort of paid homage to Kim, but with each homage, she kinda threw in some kinda I am the best line. There's a way to pay homage and there's a way to be genuine. I'm just not sure how genuine Nicki is.
    Second, what Nicki is doing – Kim has done. Thats why I'm sure this is irritating for Kim. It's not like Nicki is doing something so new and unique and fresh. Honestly, the wig, the body, the style, that's all Kim. So if Nicki looked and acted different, then maybe Kim wouldn't be so keen on asserting that she's the Queen. If Nicki was doing something innovative, what can Kim say? Look at Kanye. Kanye isn't like most rappers out there – Kanye has a truly unique style, and funny enough he continues to pay homage to Jay Z and a host of others, when to be honest, Kanye is kinda up there with them. And with Kanye, you know he honestly respects Jay. Imitation isn't necessarily flattery. Nicki copped Kim's style and that's not so cool. Kim didn't beef with Eve, and that says alot. Eve had her own unique swag.
    Third, Nicki isn't that talented. I think that irks a lot of female rappers more. Put Nicki's raps next to Kim's or Eve's and she's weak lyrically. Nicki comes across as a gimmick. Honestly, it's like if Jason Derulo picks a fight with Usher. Like for real? Just cos you're selling records doesn't make you talented. Nicki may hit platinum but she will never go down as one of the best female MCs. She's not an MC. She's entertainment. A better example I can give is Diddy. I love Diddy to death, because he doesn't pretend to be a great rapper. He calls himself an entertainer. Diddy knows he's not lyrical, so why even force it? Still he's successful and doing his thang. Beyond Kim, alot of true female MCs are irritated cos Nicki is mostly fluff no depth. If you listen to her raps line by line, what is she really saying? Nada. Listen to Eve's raps, and Kim's raps. There's a big difference. Nicki isn't on their level and going platinum will not put her there either. I'd respect Nicki more if she takes herself seriously and raps. Despite Kim's sex appeal and all that plastic surgery jazz, she CAN RAP. I don't think anyone has ever questioned that. But there's still ongoing debate about Nicki's talent. Its split 50-50. That says something.
    Last, Kim kinda had to take it there, but the escalation is unnecessary. When will it end? Kinda tedious. In the end, as much as I think Kim is better lyrically and still the Queen, she needs to act right and stop the beef. Nicki won't be on top forever. There will be more female MCs. It's only a matter of time.

  2. I couldn't agree more with Boakyewaa. This a fight between a titan and a mere soldier. Lil Kim was considered as a rapper during the era of the legends who shaped hiphop for generations to come. I talking about Tupac, Biggie and The true Queen B (Foxy Brown). I just think Lil Kim has soiled her royal robes by stepping down from grace to repond to Nicki, she's just the clown of the royal palace. I wish she'll ignore here. Need i say, nobody thinks Nicki is better than LIl Kim, even high schoolers agree. The Gap between them is too obvious.

    • Yeah that is a tricky one. I really like them both, and maybe Kim really wanted Nicki to bow down to her, but i don’t exactly remember Kim paying homage to any of the rappers before her? Now the other question is why Kim did not go at Eminem. She was probably afraid that he would have dissed til thy kingdom come

  3. I think Kim had to respond to her clone clown, to let people really know for once and for all who has the title.
    NM is garbage and it's become blatantly obvious. She's on her 14th minute, lol

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