2012 Must-have

Some people are born with great beauty, others have to acquire it. If you fall into the latter category, part 2 of my ‘must-have items for 2012″  is dedicated to spectacular products that will leave you feeling beautiful with a touch of glamour.


Acne. My Must-have item for 2012 is the Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleaner. In 2009, this cleanser was voted by Allure Magazine as the best cleanser for oily or acne prone skin. Three years later, it is still a bestseller because it fights acne, reduces blemishes and leaves your skin squeaky clean. Biore was recommended to me by a friend who was familiar with my battle with acne. At first I was a skeptic, but because it costs only $7, I decided to give it a try – the results have been practically spotless. I LURVE this cleanser. 
However, here are a few extra tips that many people do not tell you about their great skin regimen. Firstly, your skin is a reflection of what you eat. I have had to cut back on the copious amount of hot pepper I eat and the amount of juice I drink because it was contributing to my breakouts. Once I made these dietary changes, my susceptibility to acne reduced. Secondly, if you breakout often, make sure your face cream is not the culprit. Some very greasy creams clog pores and expedite pimple production. Check your bathroom cabinet and dump the messy stuff. Finally, never squeeze a pimple. But, If you just cannot resist a pus filled mound, employ the Dr. Oz strategy: Deflate the pimple with the sharp end of a sterilized pin and gently ooze the pus out. This will prevent laceration on your face and residual scarring. Don’t forget to pick up Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleaner for some skin rehab.

Makeup. If you have difficulties finding the right shade of foundation for your skin, do I have a treat for you – NARS.  I love this foundation because it gives great coverage. It leaves a dewy glow on your face and it tones your complexion at the same time. Hallelujah! They have the perfect shade for people my complexion, not too dark and not to light either. I rate this product above MAC, Clinique and even Bobbi Brown (and I am a long time Bobbi Brown user). For the best effect, use a primer as a base before you apply the foundation.

Fragrance. Supple skin needs a sweet smelling companion. May I recommend my favourite fragrance of 2011, which will definitely be rolling with me into 2012.  This choice will surprise you as it is not one of the expensive potions from Italy or France. Rather it is a really inexpensive body splash from Bath and Body works. I happened upon this fragrance because it was on sale. I bought it to give as a present, but it smelt so good, I ended up keeping it. The fragrance is not heady, but it lasts longer than some pricey perfumes. My favourite is Orange Sapphire. Try it, it will not disappoint!

Facial hair. If you are you looking for a topical treatment for unwanted facial hair, Vaniqa is your answer. It is by prescription only and it is quite expensive. However, the active ingredient Eflornitine Hydrochloride acts as an effective suppressant of the enzyme that produces hair. It is not a permanent solution as the hair will still grow, but at a slower pace. If you want a permanent solution, go for laser hair removal ( will discuss this on another day). It is an expensive treatment, but if you sign on to Groupon, you may find great deals in your city.

Great lips.
Planning on getting some lip action on the stroke of midnight? Well pucker up with Lip Fusion. You can find this lipstick in Sephora. It is not cheap, but
man does it work. Their nude shade of colours give lips that yummy yum appeal that people cannot resist. It lasts really long and distributes colour evenly which leaves your lips ready for that midnight kiss. If you want a comparable substitute that costs a little less, I recommend Estee Lauder. But if you can afford to splurge, grab a few tubes of Lip fusion. Muah!! Happy New year

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